Testimonial 2

We have been working alongside the London Central & North West Maths hub for several years now, this includes during the pandemic. As of September 2021, we have been working within our ‘sustaining’ year. This follows our emerging and embedding years within the programme.

We have been part of several different working parties, which have widened our sphere of influence and afforded us the opportunity to work collaboratively with a number of different primary schools within the North London region.

During the time working with the hub, we have seen the implementation and impact of Teaching for Mastery go from strength to strength. Following end of year evaluation, it has been apparent that the confidence levels around the school as well as the effectiveness of the teaching of maths has grown year on year. This certainly feels like a sustaining year, where we are sustaining the quality-first teaching of mathematics and using the Teaching for Mastery approach to underpin everything we do within the subject.