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Georgie Goldstein

Maths Hub Lead

Georgie is the Maths Hub Lead for London Central & North West. She moved to The St Marylebone CE School from the East Midlands East Maths Hub where she was a Deputy Maths Hub Lead and a maths teacher. She has also worked as a maths department subject lead. Georgie started her Maths Hub journey facilitating the Year 5 – 8 Continuity Work Group for the East Midlands East Maths Hub where she became an NCETM accredited Professional Development Lead and has been a passionate advocate for teaching for mastery since.

Jenny Laurie

Jenny Laurie

Senior Leadership Link

Jenny is the Senior Leadership Link for London Central and North West, she is also a leader on the national CPD programme for Secondary Mastery Specialists. She is the deputy head and a maths teacher at The St Marylebone CE School in central London. The school was one of the very earliest to adopt a teaching for mastery approach in maths.

Jale Ratip

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Jale is one of the hub’s Assistant Maths Leads (Primary) and the Curriculum leader for Mathematics at Eversley Primary School. She is passionate about mathematics and has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing training materials and bespoke in-school support. She supports schools as a Local Leader in Maths Education (LLME) and is an NCETM Primary Mastery Specialist and Accredited Professional Development Lead. She has seen the powerful impact using teaching for mastery can have on children’s learning and is passionate about all children having the opportunity to access maths.

Rakhee Dattani

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)

Rakhee is Assistant Maths Lead (Secondary); she is also  Head of Maths at a school in Islington. She has been teaching in London schools for 10 years and discovered teaching for mastery in her first year as a Head of Maths. She was in Cohort 3 of the NCETM Secondary Mastery Specialist programme and thereafter gained accreditation as a Professional Development Lead. She is passionate about improving Maths teaching for all.

Jen Baulk

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Jen is one of the hub’s Assistant Maths Leads (Primary). She has taught in inner London for over thirteen years and led maths for eight. Since experiencing the transformative impact of Teaching for Mastery, back in 2016, she has been a strong advocate for this approach. Jen is a NCETM Primary Mastery Specialist and Accredited Professional Development Lead. She has run workgroups for several Hubs and is passionate about supporting teachers individually and through nurturing professional communities to ensure all children have a positive and successful experience of mathematics.

Despoina Boli

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)

Despoina has predominalny worked in the Further Education sector as a mathematics teacher and curriculum manager. She is very keen to understand the challenges students encounter while learning mathematics and advocates for a meaningful and sense-making education. Through her experience, she has witnessed how the mastery of mathematical concepts has empowered her students to overcome challenges and evolve into more confident mathematics learners. Engaging in a number of research projects, Despoina is currently on the path to completing her doctoral studies in mathematics education. In addition to her academic studies, she collaborates with teachers as an instructional coach, helping them to enhance their classroom practices. 

Jale Ratip

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Louise is one of the hub’s Assistant Maths Leads (Primary) and a class teacher/maths lead at West Hampstead Primary School.  She has been teaching in London schools for 10 years and discovered teaching for mastery by accident during her NQT year; she immediately embraced it because of its simplicity and inclusivity. Louise trained as a Primary Mastery Specialist with NCETM, gained her Professional Development Accreditation and went on the England-China exchange in 2019.

john petry

John Petry

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Level 3)

John works in a school in North London, in a 6th form consortium with four other local schools. He has a depth of experience in mentoring ITT, NQT and RQTs, and enjoys working with new teachers and connecting them with experienced teachers to guide them. John has worked in a few different secondary maths roles, coordinating at KS3, KS4 and KS5, and has been a Head of Department. He is committed to engaging with educational research, and is involved in subject associations on a local and national level. John is experienced across KS5 teaching but is particularly interested in Core Maths, having worked at an early adopter school.

Shanta Vekaria

Project Manager

Shanta is the London Central and North West Maths Hub project manager and the administrator for Primary and Early years. She joined the team in January 2022.

martha blackwell

Martha Blackwell

Maths Hub Co-ordinator

Martha joined the team in September 2019 and supports the hub’s Secondary and Level 3 programmes.

Please contact Shanta Vekaria (Primary) or Martha Blackwell (Secondary and Level 3) at for all enquiries, more information on our projects and events and details of financial support if you are an existing work group.

Strategic Board

The role of the Strategic Board is to provide advice, challenge and support to the Maths Hub leadership. Our board includes representatives from primary and secondary schools, universites, the London Diocesan Board for Schools and NCETM:

Kate Frood (Joint Chair) Camden Primary Partnership TSA 

Jenny Laurie (Joint Chair) Senior Leadership Link

Jen Shearman NCETM 

Georgie Goldstein Maths Hub Lead

Kate Roskell LDBS Secondary and Co-ordinating Adviser London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS)

Martin Serrão Principal St Mary & St John’s CE School, Barnet

Andrew Parkin Principal St Dominic’s RC Sixth Form, Harrow

Nigel Wills Programme Director Secondary Partnerships PGCE(S) Maths Tutor St Mary’s University, London

Caroline Hilton Lecturer in Primary Education Maths UCL IOE, London

Nick McIvor Senior Teaching Fellow Maths UCL IOE, London

Vicki Cleaves Vice Principal Paddington Academy, Teaching School Hub Central London

Evelyn Chua Headteacher Hampden Gurney Primary School, Westminster

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